Tuggeranong Vikings Women's Hockey Club

TVWHC Motion for consideration:

It is proposed that the Tuggeranong Vikings Women’s Hockey Club Incorporated (TVWHC) approve the amalgamation of TVWHC and the Tuggeranong Vikings Hockey Club Incorporated (TVHC) in order to form a single club; the Tuggeranong Vikings Hockey Club (TVHC). The merger will result in the dissolution of the current TVWHC following the conclusion of TVWHC Annual General Meeting to be held before the end of 2017, and the operation of a newly amalgamated club under the TVHC constitution on the holding of the TVHC Annual General Meeting in 2017.

Amalgamation - Sunday April 9th 2017

Dear members of TVHC and TVWHC,

Over the past eighteen months the committees of TVHC and TVWHC have been working towards an amalgamation of the two clubs into one unified entity. This task has involved the drafting of constitutional changes and documents, identifying issues that would prick the attention of members for investigation, and identifying a way forward while keeping the interests of the wider membership base in mind. 

Today, we are pleased to release a number of documents to the membership for review and comment, noting that both committees have agreed that we are ready to approach the membership for an amalgamation vote.

The documents released today are:

  • A draft TVHC constitution which reflects a combination of the existing TVHC and TVWHC constitutions, and which reflects the requirements of the new club moving forward;
  • A document detailing an outline of the proposal, including pros and cons, timeframes and draft motions for consideration by the membership prior to their release and calling of an amalgamation vote; and
  • Two guiding principle documents which outline the views of the existing committees when it comes to two key issues, player selections and uniform arrangements in a new club. 

These documents are being released to the membership of both clubs today, with a two week timeframe for comment to each respective club president. Following the receipt of comments, if any, these documents will be finalised and a motion will be proposed for Special General Meetings to be held to accept or reject the amalgamation of the clubs. The finer details of this process are outlined within the documents released today, with formal notifications released as per existing constitutions closer to this event.

We are very pleased to have gotten to the point of polling the entire Vikings Hockey membership base to either progress or dismiss the amalgamation of the two clubs. We look forward to engaging with all members over the next to weeks, and encourage all members to read and provide comment (if they have any) to Cam on president@vikings.org.au or Matt on president@tvwhc.org. 

Buy into this process, it’s all about the future of the club.

Cameron Blagdon                      Matt Cann

President, TVHC                         President, TVWHC

0430013031                              0403368093