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Posted by Web Master on May 30, 2016 at 1:15 AM

Won 8 - 0

The day was Sunday the 22nd of May and the weather was fine, or so it seemed. As to be expected I (AKA the BOG recipient) was still at my dwellings enhancing my natural beauty when JT was checking his watch obsessively and deciding which latecomers he would bench. However we can all resonate with the motto “look good, feel good, play good” which is supported by scientific evidence in a number of reputable research articles (Wikipedia, 1992). Sorry, JT but I was not going to go against these reputable research findings for a deadline.

When I was finally in game-ready shape, I did my final scroll of social media. Luckily I was able to respond to Maddison Evans last minute request for a teammate to bring her a makeup wipe. Apparently her makeup was feeling a bit ‘Rusty.’ Being a good teammate, I ran back into my room to fulfil this imminent request.

 When I eventually arrived at the fields, I was the saviour, and the ‘Rusty’ make up situation was resolved. We were finally able to talk tactics. Tactics were discussed but more importantly lollies were consumed. Thank you once again for our impressive lolly tub which Mrs Cathie Butz AKA Tuggeranong Vikings self-taught team vet/animal whisperer sponsored.

 We played an opponent by the name of North Canberra at 3.15pm and the biggest battle of the day was decided by a trusty stick toss. Which direction should we go? This was a vital decision, as the sun appeared to be our most hostile opponent of the day.

 The game was fierce, and we battled to see the ball through the 3.25pm-3.30pm afternoon mist. Rumour has it that the mist came from the beloved Carter field, but this has not yet been confirmed. Despite the hostile weather conditions Tuggeranong Vikings won the battle against the mist, the sun and the other hockey team that likes to be called North Canberra.

 The game was played and won with modesty. A key example of this can be seen through Jess Cox who restrained herself from celebrating her first goal of the season. She ran back to the halfway and gave the teammates in her vicinity a very modest hi five. Thank you for your composure Coxy. I wish the rest of the team members who scored a goal in this fierce battle were as calm as you.

 The goals of the game were scored by Rebecca Lee AKA BOG recipient (2), Kalindi Commerford (1), Jamaya Ferguson (1), Ashleigh Deacon (1), Laura Gray (2) and Jessica Cox (1) #Ididntevenrealiseshescored.

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